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DUKA is a leader in the manufacture and distribution of dental equipment components and replacement parts. Our products have consistently delivered the best mix of quality, selection and value to its customers around the world. All our products are expertly designed and artfully manufactured, with customers on mind every step of the way.

  • Air Water Syringes

    High Quality Continental Air Water Syringe, Angular Air Water Syringe...

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  • Vacuum Parts

    High Volume Evacuation,saliva ejector,Vacuum Canister...

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  • Foot Pedal

    Control Pedal Disc Type, Foot Control Shrouded, Wet / Dry Foot Control...

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  • Valves

    Toggle valve, Routing valve, Mini Regulators, Shuttle Valve...

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  • Control Block

    Automatic Handpiece Twin-Block, Handpiece Tri-Block, Handpiece Quad-Block...

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  • Fittings

    Quick Disconnect with Shut-off, Barbs, Barb Washer, Barb to Barb, Barb Tee...

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  • Holders

    Asepsis Molded Automatic Holder, Syringe Hanger, Suction Hanger...

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  • Connectors

    4 Holes Midwest Handpiece Connector, 3 Holes Borden Handpiece Connector...

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  • Bottles

    Clean Water System, 1.5L Heavy- Duty Bottle,1 L Heavy-Dury Bottle...

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  • Gages

    Rectangular Gauge,

    1-1/2" Gauge 0-150 PSI ...

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  • Tubings

    Optic Handpiece Tubing, Suction Tubing, Syringes Tubing...

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